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You’re shopping for your next sporty ride and have so many options. Aside from engine performance, gas mileage and technology features there is one important choice to make. Do you go with the convertible or coupe? 4 doors or two?

We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to consider before you make a final choice.

Drivers may enjoy the experience of driving a coupe as they are usually more rigid than convertibles, owing to the fact that they have a full-on metal roof rather than a huge hole behind the top of the windshield where a convertible soft-top goes. The result of the extra rigidity is better handling, which is especially noticeable at a racetrack.

Coupes feature especially clean lines, mainly because a car is usually designed as a coupe first and a convertible second. Finally, coupes also tend to be cheaper than their convertible counterparts, with few exceptions.

On the other hand a coupe doesn’t offer that wind-in-your-hair feeling of joy and exhilaration that comes with a convertible.

The best thing about driving a convertible is the sheer fun factor. Sunny days are even better with the top down and your friends will love the driving experience as you sport around town. You can also hear the engine better in a convertible.
The cons of owning a convertible is they are often priced higher than a coupe and the sunroof can malfunction.
Convertible tops aren’t known for their simple operation, and you could be looking at a big bill if yours breaks when you’re out of warranty.

Take your time deciding and either way the friendly team at Classic Chevrolet is here to help you decide.

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